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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A beautiful woman

I have never blogged anything except SU! stuff, but today I will make an exception.  The Republic ran an article about an amazing woman - you may have heard of her.  Her name is Stephanie Nielson, and she was in a terrible plane crash and burned over most of her body.  She has spend over a year in recovery.  Her story is one of incredible strength and through it all is the grace and goodness of Our Lord.

Stephanie was a very pretty girl before the accident, with four young children and a loving husband and large family.  Like me, all she ever wanted was to be a mom. 

Now, she still has four young children, a loving husband, and large family but she's not a pretty girl anymore.  She's a beautiful woman.  Like Mary, our dear Lord's mother, she is full of grace and God's love.

You can read the article at Arizona Republic and you can read her blog at Nie Nie Dialogues.  It is an amazing journey.

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